We aim at a collaborative and structured approach of CSR: to go further, all together.

Our approach

Our environmental engagement is not new: Our eco-designed products ensure a very high reuse and recycling rate. We also take proactive steps across the Group – at our head office, at our R&D centre in France, and at our other sites – to reduce industrial waste, limit packaging, favour local suppliers, and reduce water and energy consumption.

Materiality focus areas

  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Circular economy through eco-design and continuous improvement of our machines
  • Protection of natural resources through reduction of energy, electricity and water consumption
  • Reduction of paper consumption


Circular economy

  • 20% of the photobooths are reconditioned every year and 50% of the new photobooths use reconditioned elements. Additionally, 90% of the materials in photobooths are recycled at the end of their life
  • 100% of fruit juice bottles are recyclable. Organic bottles are made with sugarcane or vegetable sugarcane
  • 100% of beer cans are recyclable; even those with a plastic cap. ADEME (the French body for monitoring and measuring CSR/energy/environment actions) has validated this comprehensive level of recycling, including the innovation of the re-sealable cap, which is unique in the market
  • 100% of paper, cardboard and wood packaging is reused or recycled on site (or sent to a recycling centre)

Energy saving for Photobooths

  • 100% of the new Starck booths and 90% of the Easy booths are fitted with a “stop & go” device
  • LED lights installed in all Star Booth cabins, saving an estimated 20,000 kWh per month

Energy saving for laundromats

  • 10% of the laundry machine estate is currently equipped with photovoltaic panels
  • 100% of new laundromats are equipped with photovoltaic panels
  • 50% energy savings achieved compared to the estimated consumption of a family doing laundry at home

Organic detergent

  • 100% of Revolution laundry machines worldwide use organic detergent

Our approach

ME Group is committed to ethical behaviour, respect for human rights and the fight against discrimination within its own activities or through the activities of its subcontractors. We aim to support local economic development and to forge appropriate partnerships in the territories in which it operates, to be a value chain rather than a production chain, and to serve as many people as possible.

In Grenoble, the headquarters of our design office, ME Group has been recognised as a key local employer for some 60 years. We maintain very close relations with the community and operate in a collaborative spirit of shared development.

Inclusivity in action

ME Group supports people’s right to easily and independently access public places and services. All our photobooths have been designed in a way that is user-friendly for persons with reduced mobility. In addition, we have created a universal booth that meets the special needs of a wide variety of people (including people who use wheelchairs, people of different heights and people who use hearing aids). Our universal booths account for 12% of all our machines in operation. ME Group is proud to have the right to use the ACCEV label, created by APF France Handicap and CRIDEV®, which endorses the concept of High Quality of Use for All® for accessibility and living spaces.

  • All our Mitsubishi printers and photo booths are repaired by Fontaine Insertion, a company that specialises in employing people with disabilities (80% of its staff are people with a disability)
  • Donations to associations: 30 laundry machines are available free of charge to hospitals and the Red Cross in England

Material focus areas

  • Impact on locality and regional development
  • Listening to customer expectations
  • An inclusive approach to help people with disabilities


  • 12% of the total fleet of photo booths comprises our Universal booth
  • 30 Revolution laundry machines are available free of charge to hospitals and the Red Cross in England

Our approach

A dedicated Steering Committee to lead and strengthen our CSR efficiency

ME Group’s CSR Steering Committee comprises the Executive Director, the Group Human Resources Director and the CSR and Internal Communications Manager. The Steering Committee makes proposals to the Strategic Committee and is the driving force behind engagement with all stakeholders.

There is also a global network of CSR representatives.

We take a collaborative approach to defining CSR issues

Five workshops in 2021 brought together our CSR representatives and allowed them to share their knowledge of challenges and best practice within ME Group. These workshops sought to define our achievable objectives and to consider key performance indicators that would address the specific conditions of each country in which ME Group operates.

Our approach

We do everything in our power to support and protect human rights. As a responsible company with operations across the world, we believe that strong ethics and good business go hand-in-hand.

We commit to complying with the laws and regulations of the countries and jurisdictions in which we operate.

Our approach

ME Group ensures the health and safety of its employees, in accordance with applicable national and community laws. The Group defines occupational health and safety, and occupational risk assessment policies in relation to the conditions prevailing in each country. They cover risks that concern all employees. ME Group organises prevention and awareness-raising initiatives that cover the safety and wellbeing needs of staff.

For ME Group, quality of life at work is a key priority to facilitate a high-performance company and an enjoyable place to work. It therefore offers activities or services promoting well-being at work and work-life balance for its employees. A “Well-being Dashboard” is made available to employees to monitor their well-being rate on a daily basis and offers them the opportunity to provide feedback. This tool provides an insight into how our employees are feeling, their level of commitment, and the collective dynamics of the company.

Material focus areas

  • Health, safety and well-being

Sustainability report 2021