We design tailor-made projects that meet the specific needs of third-party businesses

Many brands have already called on us to design, prototype and produce innovative self-service vending machines in a wide variety of sectors such as banking, food, beauty and toys

We believe in the strength of the collective and that tomorrow’s product cannot and should not be invented alone. We are convinced that collaboration and partnerships are the key to innovating better and faster.

We take a customer-centric approach and always put our effort into understanding our clients’ business and needs. Our global experience across our many clients and verticals gives us the necessary knowledge to identify new needs and to offer our clients the best service. By working with our clients, we are creating a better and more sustainable future through responsible and innovative tailormade solutions.

We design tailormade machine projects to meet the specific needs of companies of any size. We design, prototype and produce innovative machines in a wide variety of sectors such as banking services, food, beauty, entertainment, etc. Our highly qualified engineering teams specialise in fields such as 3D technology, security, standards, software, industrial design, mechanics, electricity, electronic payment, etc. and handle all design and production in-house.

LEGO & KIS ME Group, the strength of the collective

Since 2016, the LEGO Group and KIS ME Group have teamed up to share their passion for innovation and take legendary brick building to a new level. The Mosaic Maker was born!

Mosaic maker

Through this tailored product, we offer LEGO fans of all ages the chance to get their very own, one-of-a-kind LEGO mosaic por­trait. A unique and unprecedented customer experience to inspire the builders of tomorrow.

L’Oréal coloright, developed in partnership with KIS ME Group

L’Oréal unveiled Coloright at CES 2022  (the world’s most influential tech event). Coloright is an AI-connected hair colour system for salon stylists that creates on-demand, customised hair colour.

It puts innovation into the hands of professional colourists and customises the salon hair colour experience powered by a patented algorithm to offer more precise colourations.

The machine features a reader, which analyses the client’s hair, measuring factors that influence colour’s effectiveness, including hair colour, gray percentage, length and density. It also features a dispenser that contains dry beads consisting of hair dye, accompanied by cartridges of base creams, developers and diluters.

Together these dispensed components create a personalised hair colour recipe. The ultra-precise machine dispenses all the components of the formula and, in total, Coloright can provide more than 1,500 custom possibilities.