ABOUT ME – Overview

We are an international market leader in automated instant-service equipment, with more than 47,500 unattended vending units across 18 countries

Since 1962 the Group’s mission has been to make life easier for citizens and consumers by saving them time and increasing their self-sufficiency.

for Making Easy

We were one of the first to realise that future consumption patterns would centre on instant service experience. We have since focused all our energy on deploying increasingly targeted and diverse innovations to meet these needs.

Our recent name change reflects our continued diversification as well as our focus on immediacy, a core component of the Group’s DNA.

Why ME?

Tying the Group’s strategy to all the different possible definitions of the word ME.

ME – “Me” – Personal pronoun shared by everyone. It therefore evokes an intrinsic characteristic that unites us all and, by extension, a notion of closeness and even empathy.

The Group’s DNA from the very beginning is therefore linked to this definition, namely innovation and diversification. We can also associate the idea of proximity with our partners and customers: “me” is shared by all three parties.

for My Experience

Every day, ME responds to the needs of customers, is in tune with their expectations, makes sure we improve their daily lives. They are so many small experiences that connect women, men and machines until they become a kind of extension of themselves. Capable of anticipating their needs, make their lives easier, to generate emotions as well.

for More Engaged

Being no1 is a great satisfaction but it is also a form of engagement. To be a leader imposes to be exemplary and lead the way. That is why we systematically integrate a CSR approach in all our decisions. Far from being a constraint, CSR stimulates our motivation for imagining more sustainable solutions, more respectful of our environment. We envision the transitions, ecological, digital and social as great stepping stones towards a sustainable future, where life is good.

for Minute Experience

We all know time is our most precious treasure. Like natural resources, we save it, we preserve it and we learn to consume it better. It is precisely one of the missions that our services fulfil. We save people’s time in their everyday lives by providing instant gratification.

for Making Easy

What better promise than consisting in making life simpler, more beautiful, more pleasant! Making it easy is our mantra, our brand purpose. Through fast, self-service and easy-to-use services that do not need any instructions for use or assistance, and above all always near or on the daily path of mass market, ME is really simplicity embodied.