Our purpose: Inventing eco-responsible local services that make everyday life a little bit easier

In a rapidly changing world, and with the challenges of climate change, we all need to react and adapt.

Employees, customers, partners and investors want companies to get involved and demonstrate their value to society. We are aware of our responsibilities and we are determined to meet these new challenges.

Sustainability is not just a concept, but the core of our operations. Our journey encompasses everything from innovative photobooths to our environmentally friendly self-service laundry machines and other instant vending equipment.

We are at the early stages of our journey towards becoming a carbon-neutral enterprise however are proactively taking steps to minimise our footprint.

Build the ME Group’s success on the strengths of our people

  • Enhance our employer brand
  • Attract and retain the best global talent
  • Strengthen employee engagement
  • Help employees develop the skills required to progress

Enhance our focus on the protection of natural resources

  • Take actions that mitigate climate change
  • Continue supporting the circular economy
  • Preserve natural resources such as energy and water
  • Achieve carbon neutrality by 2040

Engage with our local ecosystems

  • Deepen trust with our customers and users
  • Enhance local impact and regional development
  • Listen to customer expectations
  • Take an inclusive approach

Materiality matrix

The materiality analysis was carried out in accordance with the spirit and the process of a sustainability approach. That is to say through dialogue with our internal and external stakeholders.

This matrix aims at prioritising the main challenges of the Group, with regard to its short- and long-term ambitions and the expectations of its main stakeholders. In total, more than 30 individual interviews were conducted, prepared beforehand by a questionnaire to be completed by the people interviewed, in order to analyse the context of the Group’s activity, current or suggested sustainability best practices, as well as the risks, opportunities and challenges.



  • Pride of belonging / Recognition
  • Internal communication
  • Optimisation of the commercials / Relationship with B2B
  • Sustainability of the 1D and Photo range
  • Brand awareness
  • Our CSR approach
  • Satisfaction of users
  • Cybersecurity
  • Global digital transition
  • Strength of the network technicians
  • HR policy / Collaborative management
  • Attractiveness of the employer brand
  • R&D
  • Training policy
  • Onboarding
  • Circular economy
  • Increased flow of consumers
  • Success of the food range
  • Growth of the laundromat range
  • Key accounts co-ordination
  • Cloud operating system
  • Optimisation of products
  • Financial performance
  • International development