We develop new and complementary products to drive future growth

ME Group’s business strategy is focused on diversifying its product portfolio, expanding the number of units in operation, and increasing the yield per unit, while minimising production and operational costs.

We enhance shareholder value by investing in new technologies that develop new and complementary products and services so they can be rapidly deployed across existing and new geographies and provide a rapid and sustainable return on investment.

We use cash flow generated by our long-established operations, such as photobooths and kiosks, to invest in future growth.

Our key investment priorities

ME Group plans to grow these business areas through organic growth, new product development, and selected bolt-on acquisitions which meet the Group’s return-on-investment criteria. Laundry and food are expected to contribute an increasing proportion of total Group revenue and profit alongside the photobooth contribution.

Our business model delivers our strategy


Competitively priced, high-quality services for consumers

Meeting increasing demand for instant vending services on-the-go

Additional services for site owners

Support customer needs and footfall

Shareholder value

Delivered through growth and dividend

Corporate social responsibilty


Technology and innovation

Development of proprietary solutions and continuous focus on product diversification

Long-term partnerships with high footfall site owners

Supermarkets, shopping malls, public transport and public administration buildings

Brands recognition

Leading brands and household names in key territories

Network of skilled field engineers

Supporting growth across business areas at limited additional cost

Telemetry system

Sophisticated and tailored to the Group’s proprietary technology

Industry expertise

More than 50 years working with regulatory bodies

Stable cash flows

Generated from existing network to fund R&D and support growth strategy



  • Continued rollout of Revolution machines in target geographies: the UK & Republic of Ireland and Continental Europe
  • Commercialisation of new indoor-format Revolution machines for the B2B market


  • Longer-term opportunities to expand presence outside of Europe, particularly in countries where self-taken ID photos are not permitted
  • Deploy proven identification security technologies in existing and new territories
  • Grow revenue through multiple service offering
  • Diversification and commercialisation of next generation photobooths


  • Consider opportunities to extend digital kiosk services offered through the Group’s machines’ network
  • Identify product partnership opportunities within existing territories


  • Expand the Group’s presence in the self-service fruit-juice equipment market and offer a wider variety of self-service fresh juice options in all territories where the Group has an existing footprint
  • Establish a presence in the pizza-vending equipment market with the aim of becoming a leader in Europe
  • Become the food vending equipment market leader in France by 2023

Innovation and diversification

New product innovation is at the core of ME Group. Our growth strategy is to focus on diversifying our operations and responding to consumer needs.